Instagram trends of 2021: experts ‘ opinion

Instagram trends of 2021: experts ' opinion Разное

The social network Instagram is constantly changing. Let’s see what changes are expected by Instagram (IG), what new things, according to experts, can be expected from this platform in 2021: what topics, techniques, actions will help to «promote» the brand, popularize the company’s products, and inform the target audience about it, insta auto liker.

Note at once: all the transformations lead to the fact that in the near future there will be no free promotion channels. It has already become clear that the increase in subscribers and the number of likes is not a significant indicator for the network. But AR-effects (various augmented reality tools) and full-fledged texts began to play a big role. In addition, there are several other important trends.

Authentic Content
According to research conducted by experts from the American marketing company Finances Online, opinion leaders and brands gained more subscribers by posting raw, truthful messages. The more authentic the post looks, the more users express their approval.

For example, the channel «Lady of New York» (humansofny) for several years was able to get almost 11 million subscribers, posting posts with ordinary situations from the lives of ordinary people.

For businesses, this story can be repeated by placing campaigns with a social bias.

Take note:

Authentic content is a success at IG.
You should balance the «authenticity» and the quality of the posted materials.
Subscribers should feel connected to the brand, support its views and mission.
The problems of the world
For most users, Instagram is not just a social network for communication, but a way to express their position in relation to the ecology of the planet, social projects, and culture.

American marketer Jenny Chang, who specializes in SaaS and B2B software research, believes that Instagrammers support those companies whose activities correspond to their understanding of the global problem.

According to the results of her research, in recent years, users are increasingly involved in the discussion of climate change on the planet, the problems of people of different skin color, condemn violence in any of its manifestations, etc.

For a business brand, social responsibility and the company’s participation in solving planetary problems are important. People will associate the company not only with the product being sold but also with a certain work for the benefit of humanity.

Take note:

Users will always support a company that has assumed an important, from their point of view, public mission.
Instagrammers will prefer to purchase a product from a company that has similar values.
If a brand is associated with positive changes in the world order, the number of people who prefer it will grow.
Opinion Leaders
In Finance Online, it is noted that cult figures have a great influence on Instagram users. A huge number of subscribers follow what a significant person buys for them, where they prefer to rest, their opinions on many issues.

From the point of view of Damir Khalilov, a marketer, author of long-selling books, founder, and host of SMM seminars, the placement of native advertising among bloggers is an important tool for promoting a product and brand, which is currently not fully used. But in 2021, when both companies and Instagram realize this, this channel will be one of the most popular.

According to Jenny Chang, it is not necessary to attract famous personalities to advertise the brand. Nano-or micro-influencers with 100 or 1000 subscribers can attract more attention from the target audience than reading bloggers. This is due to the fact that small brand advocates respond to comments and questions, and have an impact on the most difficult-to-reach categories of users.

Take note:

Accounts that are not in the topmost visited can be more useful and attract more fans.
Nano-and micro-influencers communicate more with visitors, answer questions.
If possible, use the statements of opinion leaders in advertising campaigns, place native ads in their blogs.
In 2021. they will remain at the peak of search interests.

The American company Social Media Examiner noted that this tool helps to find the target user. Up to 30 hashtags are allowed in any message.

The correct identification and application of popular tags is mandatory for use in 2021.

Take note:

Hashtags increase the availability of content in search results.
To increase the audience, you should use a set of tags.
Do not assign inappropriate content keywords or phrases, it is perceived by Instagramers as spam, and has a negative impact on the attitude to the brand.
Popular topics
This is an IG non-stop trend. The issues of fashion, design, healthy lifestyle, and art always remain at the peak of popularity. In 2020, the topics of health, economic and social were added.

Not always the product offered by the company falls into the listed questions.

But Jenny Chang urges not to worry, but simply to create a marketing association that will allow you to use the most requested hashtags.

Take note:

Popular topics don’t change over a long period of time. Do not look at them from the outside, it is better to create a development strategy around the top hashtags.
Attract brand advocates specializing in sports, politics, and other popular topics from social networks.
Augmented Reality
You can already create your own masks on Instagram. A year ago, the head of the SMM department of the 1PS service, Valeria Smolina, predicted that the process of using AR mechanisms would begin to develop rapidly in 2020. But it has slowed down due to external factors, so we are moving its forecast to 2021.

Take note:

The earlier you start using the new Instagram tools, the higher the return and the more users you can attract.
Almost all of the experts listed earlier agree that the stories in IG will be further developed. Advertising costs for this tool are growing exponentially. For a year in the Russian Federation, they jumped three times.

According to Damir Khalilov, stickers and interactive functionality increase the engagement of users of the social network. Moreover, he believes that this format will continue to develop and in 2021 will increase the reach of the audience.

Take note:

Stories is watched by more than 600 million people a day.
This tool increases the reach of the target audience.
The stories will help the user to evaluate the professionalism of the company’s staff.
The development of the service «Instagram-shopping» will allow you to make purchases without leaving the social network. As early as 2020, IG can post a product announcement and price tag. In 2021, you can buy a product on Instagram with one click.

Damir Khalilov predicts that in 2-3 years IG services will partially replace online stores.

Take note:

Right now, you should make sure that the company has access to the Instagram shopping feature.
Link the folder to your IG account.
Do not miss the updates of the social network features.
Text content
Today, the information posted in IG can not exceed 2,200 characters. This is hardly a full-fledged article. Given that the Russian Federation is the most read country in the world, and the Russian user has a need for information, for a business account, 2.2 thousand is a negligible amount.

D. Khalilov predicts that in 2021 IG will allow you to place full-fledged longreads, reviews, and ratings in the main feed. According to his forecasts, the IG account will resemble a landing page or website.

Take note:

Thanks to the ability to post full-fledged content, an Instagram account can replace at least a landing page.
All the «traffic» – current offers, videos-will are transferred to stories.

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